C.U.B.E. Approach Autism Coaching Foundations (4 Sessions)


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Autism coaching sessions allow opportunities to explore current understanding and ask questions to make connections that are relevant to your experience.

The presentation of autism decreases with intervention. Although not intuitive, individuals with autism can learn perspective taking (consider another’s point of view),  joint attention (shared imagination), executive function (concepts of time and space) and  gestalt processing (seeing the big picture).

Four Sessions Include:
1) Understanding Autism Impaired cognitive process that present as autism
2) Calm Compassionate Communication Staying calm creates emotional stability and encourages conversations that foster connection and understanding.
2) Developing Self-Efficacy. Strengthen self confidence and beliefs foundational to developing motivation, tenacity and grit.
Coaching for Behavior Change. The art of motivational interviewing to reshape motivation for change. 


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