The C.U.B.E. Approach™ Autism Coaching

Compassionate & Understanding Behavior Empowerment is the focus of The C.U.B.E. Approach™.

Utilizing a coaching model, Dr. Burke customizes student learning based on identified areas of need including, academic, social learning, and emotional health in a way that builds student’s self confidence and problem solving abilities. The results of this approach promote increased self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation to overcome challenges and pursue aspirations. 

As an Education Specialist and Social Cognition Coach, Dr. Burke combines specialized training with experience in working with children with autism. Having worked in public education for 16 years she is bringing her expertise and experience to family systems seeking assistance and guidance for their child.

Her philosophy of recognizing the value and unique contributions each child brings to this world and her role as guide/coach is based on an understanding of the impaired cognitive processes that impact individuals with autism. This understanding is core to knowing which interventions can help to build their understanding of themselves, both strengths and challenges, and their ability to connect with others. Dr. Burke’s combined research and experience provides the expertise needed to customize a learning solution tailored for what your child needs for developing social awareness and emotional regulation.

Behavior plans do not measure social competencies. They are beneficial in understanding antecedent strategies and responses to behavior that will reinforce and/or extinguish behaviors. However,  social skills are improved when students develop their abilities to consider and accept other’s point of view as being different than their own, are able to interact in a way that simultaneously acknowledges shared imagination, are able to recognize the big picture while focusing on the detail (gestalt processing) providing context for academic and social skills, while they are developing strategies to support executive function and sensory integration. In summary, for individuals with autism and cognitive abilities, although being social may not be an intuitive process individuals with autism can learn to be social. 

Understanding the complexities of autism is the key to Dr. Burke’s success with helping students with autism and the adults who support them. 

Dr. Burke’s approach in supporting students with autism is primarily based in Social Thinking®, a cognitive behavior methodology of building perspective taking and social awareness. In addition she utilizes additional evidence based practices in building academic skills (Story Grammar Marker®), perspective taking and social awareness (Reflection Journal©), and emotional regulation skills (My Plan to Stay Calm©).

Dr. Burke provides consultation and training for parents and educators as well as social skills instruction and/or social cognitive coaching for all ages.

Initial Consultation and skills assessment are utilized to identify student goals and required pre coaching sessions. Ongoing progress monitoring and parent updates are included in session rates.


Contact for information on availability and rates.