Creating a shared space where individuals can grow and connect with their values and purpose in a way that brings harmony and joy and the freedom to be their authentic self. 



We are committed to making a difference in our world with how we connect with ourselves and each other by living, teaching and coaching through mindfulness and compassionate practices daily.

Dr. Burke's REFLECTION JOURNAL is a tool she created to help children develop perspecitve taking, self monitor their behaviors and build social competencies using pictures to reflect on their experiences.

In addition to utilizing this tool when working with her students for twelve plus years, the Reflection Journal was a key component utilized in her action research, "The Benefit of a Social Learning Intervention to Increase Self-Efficacy, Engagement and Social Inclusion for Students with Autism" (Burke, 2020). 

You can purchase Dr. Burke's Reflection Journal here

"Dr. Burke has taught me so much. I wish she could be my teacher forever!"