Healthy Habits For Healthy Living


Wellness Coaching, A Supportive Journey in Self-Care and Living Life with Joy.

As a wellness coach, Dr. Burke brings compassion and understanding to create a shared space where you, the client, feel safe and supported on your journey to wellness. Possibilities for self-discovery, learning various tools, exploring health concerns, setting goals, and celebrating you as you are able to reframe your thoughts or beliefs and develop habits that help you to embrace a healthy way of living that works for you. 

As a holistic wellness coach, Dr. Burke looks forward to partnering with you in a way that empowers you to live your best life. Embracing the tension between where you are and where you want to be in living your wellness vision creates the path for you to move forward. You get to determine what area of your life you want to change and how involved you want a coach to be on your journey to wellness.

  • Connecting with your values in creating a wellness vision
  • Developing authenticity and honoring your true sef
  • Emotional Freedom Technique/ The Tapping Solution
  • Establish routines for better nutrition, movement and sleep
  • Explore heath concerns and ways to improve through gut health, emotional wellness, movement, and nutrition. 
  • Identifying patterns and roadblocks to living the life you want
  • Mindfulness Practice for grounding and creating flow in your life. 
  • R.U.L.E.R. (Recognize, Understand, Label, Expres and Regulate Emotions)
  • Support with managing chronic health conditions



Individual or Group Coaching

Individual Coaching Packages (50 Minute Sessions scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). 

Group Coaching Packages (60 Minute Sessions scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). Coaching Packages for eligible programs divide the cost equally between participants plus $35 which covers and additional individual 20 minute session per participant. (Example: Overcoming Obstacles for 4 participants: $300 ÷ 4 = $75 + $35, for a total of $105 for 6 group sessions). 

Connecting with Your Core Values and Creating a Wellness Vision, a path forward for creating the life you want. (3 sessions) $175. Available as Individual Coaching Sessions Only

Overcoming Obstacles,  After connecting with your core values and having created a wellness vision, you are ready for the next steps  on your journey to wellness. As the client you choose the area you want to make changes such as improving nutrition, developing a mindfulness practice, increasing movement, breaking patterns and reframing mindset and limiting beliefs).  Six sessions focusing on learning, setting goals and observing results. (Six sessions) $300.  

Living My Best Life. Typically a medical appointment or life event will cause us to recognize that changes are needed in our life to move out of our current circumstance in order to live our life more fully. The focus over the nine sessions is to make the necessary changes associated with living with chronic health conditions requiring changes in multiple areas of your life such as combatting insulin resistance, improving gut health, developing coping strategies such as meditation, tapping to reduce anxiety and improve overall sense of wellness. (Nine sessions) $550.

Focused Book Study & Coaching around key concepts. Drawn to Brené Brown’s teachings but reading the book on isn’t enough for making the changes in your life? This 6 week coaching program includes mindfulness, book highlights and coaching on weekly topics. (Six sessions) $300.

GROUP COACHING is available by requests, coaching groups are formed with participants who share a common thread or focus:
Teachers, Front Line Workers, Mindfulness, Parents learning The C.U.B.E. ApproachTM, etc.  or topics such as Book Studies such as Brene Brown’s Gift of Imperfection, health and nutrition for woman and/or seniors, etc.