The C.U.B.E. Approach™

Compassionate & Understanding Behavior Empowerment is the focus of The C.U.B.E. Approach™

So much of how we communicate, our ability to stay present and language we use has to power to build up or tear down a child’s perspective of themselves. The C.U.B.E. Approach™ is about the adult’s style of communicating with the child that builds autonomy, self-efficacy and independent learning that emcompasses more than academics. The C.U.B.E. Approach™ models self-awareness, emotional regulation, social awareness, non-violent communication, and social communication skills. Once an educator and/or parent has mastered these skills, they can foster these abilities through the instructional experience.

Another component of the The C.U.B.E. Approach™ is utilizing a coaching model for behavior change. When children, young adults and even adults, lack the language and confidence to ask for what they need or want, behavior is the default. Coming from a place of curiousity we can shift our view of behavior and see it as a signal that something is going on in the background for this student. Helping the child/student identifiy what it is they are wanting (intrinsic motivation) they can then begin a collaboration process to help the child learn how to access what they need and want in a way that builds their autonomy and self-efficacy skills. Often what is behind the behavior is “lagging skills and unsolved problems “(Green, 2008). Therefore, an important part of the The C.U.B.E. Approach™ is building social communication and emotional regulation skills.

If you are finding that you are not getting the outcome you want in communicating and/or teaching your child or students, know that with an open mind you can learn how to communicate in a way that brings different outcomes.

Group coaching for parents and educators on using the C.U.B.E. Approach™ is available. Contact for more information.


FOUNDATIONS (Three or Four Sessions) – Key Principles of The C.U.B.E. Approach™
• Calm Compassionate Communication- Staying calm creates emotional stability and encourages conversations that foster connection and understanding. 
• Building Self-EfficacyStrengthens self confidence and beliefs foundational to developing motivation, tenacity and grit.
• Coaching for Behavior ChangeThe art of motivational interviewing that empowers and inspires.
Understanding Autism and the Impoired cognitive process that impact social awareness. 

ESSENTIAL TOOLKIT (Six Sessions) builds on the foundations series with concrete tools to use implementing The C.U.B.E. Approach™. Each session contains both instruction and coaching on using each tool.

• Coaching Model & Power of Choice
• Cognitive Flexibility & Inner Coach
• Emotional Regulation
• Executive Function
• Reflection Journal©
• Social Awareness

Dr. Burke's REFLECTION JOURNAL is a tool she created to help children develop perspecitve taking, self monitor their behaviors and build social competencies using pictures to reflect on their experiences.

In addition to utilizing this tool when working with her students for twelve plus years, the Reflection Journal was a key component utilized in her action research, "The Benefit of a Social Learning Intervention to Increase Self-Efficacy, Engagement and Social Inclusion for Students with Autism" (Burke, 2020). 

You can purchase Dr. Burke's Reflection Journal here

"Dr. Burke has taught me so much. I wish she could be my teacher forever!"