It is an understatement to say that Dr. Burke’s Social Cognition coaching is the cutting edge intervention to help students facing social communication challenges in our neurodiverse population. Dr. Burke utilizes a metacognitive approach to help students understand their own social communication challenges by not changing their behaviors, rather increasing social competency skills which results in decreased social anxiety. Utilizing practical everyday real personal challenges, students engage in reflective exercises, and arrive at their own socially appropriate solutions.

– Emelina B, Speech and Language Pathologist, California

Dr. Burke is a caring and compassionate person who is incredibly knowledgeable about the needs and potential of children on the autism spectrum. She worked with my son for several years, and his gains in perspective-taking and executive function were nothing short of amazing. Children respond well to her gentle nature, and she uses her extensive academic knowledge to problem-solve and create new solutions for her clients.

– Gayle B., parent and PHD candidate in Gifted Education, California

Elizabeth is a fantastic Coach! When I started with her, I was very fearful of my future. It was coming out as anxiety and affecting both my physical and
mental health. She is a great listener and provided me with the resources and ideas I needed. I had never made the connection of eating healthier and
the affect it has had on my health. Knowing that I can control my diet has improved my outlook for the future tremendously. I would recommend
Elizabeth for any issue you have. She will listen to you and not talk at you!! Thank you, Elizabeth, for everything!

– Kevin P., Health and Wellness Coaching Client, Arizona

I began working with Dr. Burke this summer with the plan to address my overall wellness. Throughout our sessions, Dr, Burke was able to guide me to some amazing self discoveries. She helps me challenge my dysfunctional core beliefs about myself while working on setting and achieving goals to improve my health, both mental and physical. From yoga and nutrition to grief and self doubt, we’ve uncovered a lot of ways to improve my relationship with myself. I have been lucky enough to have her as a coach and mentor through some small lifestyle changes and major life events. Having Dr. Burke in my corner has given me permission to love myself, something each one of us deserves.

-Brittney, 38, Health and Wellness Coaching Client, Texas